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NewJerseyNotaries.com specializes in connecting individuals and businesses with top-tier notary public, mobile notaries, and signing agents across New Jersey and New York. Also offering professional development resources for notaries to enhance their skills and services. We are the #1 private directory for NJ notaries at the moment expanding to be the #1 Public Directory for NJ Notaries.


Discover the ideal notary with New Jersey Notaries, your premier private directory for connecting with notarial professionals across New Jersey.

New Jersey Notaries offers a comprehensive Private directory service, accessible through a range of affordable plans, from a basic listing at $54.99 to a premium listing at $174.99 per year. Our platform caters exclusively to New Jersey notaries, providing a unique space for them have their own landing pages / profile and leverage their services. Users seeking notarial services can easily submit Notary Public / NSA requests or browse through a curated list of notaries, opting either for a specific notary or our recommended professional. For notaries, this directory doubles as a personal webpage, enhancing their online presence and accessibility.

Why Us?
New Jersey's process for becoming a notary involves no mandated training, just an application, and a brief, unmonitored exam.

In contrast, our notaries receive expert training, ensuring that every signature and every notarization is handled with unmatched professionalism. We manage your documents with the highest level of precision and care. 

Notaries Why Us? Get Noticed! Stand above the rest. Get training needed in this market and with a platform that backs you as a Notary Public/NSA.  Join Today or Train Today

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A dedicated professional with extensive knowledge and experience in notarial acts. Our expert not only excels in providing top-notch notary services but also brings a deep understanding of Customer service, experience information  and best practices, ensuring every transaction is handled with precision and care.


Notary Public / Notary Signing Agent


Notary Public / Notary Signing Agent


Notary Public / Notary Signing Agent

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Explore our insightful blog for the News and expert guidance in the world of notarization. Stay informed and empowered with our regularly updated, informative articles.

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